A day at the A&E

Had a female patient in her 30s today who came to the A&E for an acute psychotic attack. She was totally out of it. At one point she started staring at me … tight into my eyes.

The way she stared at me scared the shit out of me. Within 5 mins or so she began yelling at me :


I was stunned… but then it got even more awckward when she wouldn’t stop. My colleague took over that case but that stare…

Poor woman.

Rest of the day went by quick.

Had dinner with a buddy.

Fucking rain got my feet all wet. I don’t met getting my toes wet when I’m ramming my foot down someone’s throat. But not when I’m stopping into puddles.

Contemplated calling Richard to come dry my feet… hmmm…Might just do that yet…




New to this whole blogging thing but haven’t seen any content from a gay Pakistani man from my point of view yet so thought I would give this a go.

I’m a 33 year old medical doctor in the West Midlands (UK). Pakistani by back ground with a bit of a dominant streak. Work long hours on my feet and loved coming home to my boy for a good foot rub. Now that I’m single, I’ve collected a few boys who worship me after a long shift.

Since I have some unusual stories and since I’ll be traveling alot this year and the next, thought I would start documenting from time to time and see what happens.

Stay kneeled.